What's New in Version 6.10?

TimeControl 6.9 Logo
HMS is proud to announce the launch of TimeControl 6.10. This version contains brand new features in TimeControl and numerous extended features which we believe will be advantageous to both existing and new TimeControl clients.
Here is more detail on the new and enhanced features you’ll be seeing in this version:

Scheduled Import

TimeControl has had extensive abilities to import data in a variety of formats since its very first version back in 1984. We’ve now gone even further with the Import function to allow imports to be scheduled to occur automatically. TimeControl will check on a regular basis in the folder you designate for transaction files which can be placed there by other applications. It will then process the import and optionally move the transaction file into another folder. Imagine being able to have HR files processed to have new employees automatically appear in TimeControl!

TimeControl Scheduled Import
TimeControl Scheduled Import

Scheduled Export

Scheduled Exports is just as powerful as Scheduled Imports but headed the other way! TimeControl has long been able to schedule transfers of data with project management tools so they can happen behind the scenes. Transaction files for exports to HR, Payroll, Finance or other tools had to be created monthly. Now you can schedule these files so they are created by TimeControl automatically in the background.

TimeControl Scheduled Export
TimeControl Scheduled Export

Timesheet List comes with its own User Profile Security Options

We’ve separated the security for the Timesheet List from Reporting as more and more clients had situations where they wanted to restrict reporting in one way and the Timesheet List during the approval process in another. You’ll see the options now listed separately in User Profiles

Timesheet Options

We enhanced the Timesheet Options function inside the TimeControl timesheet in version 6.9 and we’ve enhanced it yet again in 6.10! You could already define how certain data and headers would look and whether certain columns would be visible or not as well as locking certain fields on the left of the screen in case you have to scroll. Now, you can also now flag any field in the timesheet to word wrap. Optionally you can just ask TimeControl to wrap the timesheet column headers. Finally, we’ve allowed you to reset the size of the daily columns all at once.

TimeControl Timesheet Options
TimeControl Options

All new Timesheet Worksheet with the power of Drill-Down Analyzer

The TimeControl Worksheet allows much more functionality in version 6.10 with the ability to group, sub-group and total by any visible field. This will be similar to the functionality that Administrators enjoy in TimeControl’s Drill-Down Analyzer where they can drag a field to the top of the screen and instantly watch the screen reconfigure to sub-group by that field. The feature will likely be more popular for supervisors and administrators and it is controlled through User Profile Security where you can determine which roles can have access to the function and what data and fields they can manage within it.

Improved Security

Announcements are now encoded in the dashboard. You can also restrict what types of file expressions are allowed on the dashboard (to allow, for example, only PDFs and images). You can create your own password policy for the strength of the password including forcing upper and lower case characters, length of password, etc.

Cascading User Defined fields

Cascading user defined fields has been one of our favorite TimeControl functions for many years. Imagine that you need to select the city you’re doing a particular task on in a timesheet user defined field but that you have 4,000 possible city options. Wouldn’t it be great to narrow down the search by selecting the country first, then the region then the city? That’s what Cascading Fields does. It has only been configurable up until now though in the TimeControl.ini file. With more and more clients using TimeControl Online, we had to bump that definition up into the System Preferences area so it’s now much more visible.

TimeControlMobile now includes expenses

The TimeControlMobile interface is hugely popular and while we’ve heard secret rumors around HMS that there may be a TimeControl Mobile App around the corner, we couldn’t resist adding a much requested feature to the existing TimeControl Mobile interface. So now you can add your non-labor expenses to TimeControl Mobile!

Lock Timesheet Periods in the Period Generator

With the new Period Generator functionality in TimeControl since our last release, we’ve had requests to allow periods to be closed. So here it is in 6.10! The Administrator can optionally lock past periods and future periods so they can’t accidentally be added to.

Timesheet Image Report

The Timesheet Image report for some reason never got added to our regular TimeControl reports. It was still available from each timesheet screen and, of course, the old legacy image report was still there but we’ve added this as a default report in the TimeControl Report interface.

Filter Criteria onto reports

We’ve added a filter criteria option into the Report Designer. This allows particular filter criteria to be displayed somewhere on your report (usually in the Header). Simply add [Parameters.FilterCriteria] where you want it displayed.

Crew Table now in multi-browser, multi-device code

We are removing the last vestiges of the old ActiveX code which is now only used for some TimeControl Industrial functions. The Crew Table, Crew Extended Rates Table, Materials Extended Rates Table have all now been migrated to the multi-browser, multi-device architecture and the last couple of TimeControl Industrial functions will follow shortly.

Enhanced Report List

The Report List had a security challenge in the last version as you had to go back to the old TimeControl Legacy Report security to manage it. We’ve fixed this now in the new Report environment.

Improved links with Oracle-Primavera P6

We’ve made major enhancements to the link between TimeControl and Oracle-Primavera’s P6. You now have the ability to create new projects in TimeControl automatically when they are created in P6. In your TimeControl Interface Definition for P6, add the Link Code of “Approved for TimeControl” and the Link Value of “Yes”. In your P6, create a project-level code called “Approved for TimeControl”. When you put a “Yes” in that project value in P6, TimeControl will check each time the P6 link is run for any project. If TimeControl finds projects with a “Yes” in that field that it doesn’t already have, it will add it in the TimeControl Project Table and schedule a link for the charges to be imported. We’ve also added the ability to transfer the P6 Baseline dates into TimeControl and to transfer the expected finish date back to P6.

Enhanced Preloading

Additional fields are now available in the Preloading tab of the Resource Table.

Enhanced Timesheet List

You can now view Employee User Defined Fields in the Timesheet List. The list of selectable fields can be controlled in system settings.

Drill Down Analyzer style Banks View

We’ve added a brand new view for Employee Bank data that allows you to sift through the data using Drill Down Analyzer functionality. This will allow supervisors to quickly query Employee Table Bank data when doing approvals for vacation or other banked information.

Copy Employee

We’ve changed the way the Copy Employee function works. In the past, copying an Employee Record in the Employee Table would copy everything including the values in the employee bank fields. This was causing problems for clients who weren’t aware of the nature of the function and we felt it was safer to not copy those values during this function so now when we copy an employee, the bank fields will be blank.

New Reports

It’s been 3 years and we’re still discovering new things to love about the TimeControl Report Designer. In this version we’ve used it to create an example Pivot Table Report that can be dynamically manipulated to regroup and re-total the values when it’s run. Take a look at the Employee Project-Charge Pivot report to see it in action.

More information

If you have a current service agreement for TimeControl you can download the new version on the support/updates page. For more information on TimeControl 6.10 or our upgrade services, please fill in a contact request at email info@hms.ca or call +1 514 695-8122.