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HMS Software has had a relationship with Oracle since 1997. TimeControl uses Oracle Technology to empower our users at multiple architectural, database and application levels.

At a technical level, HMS supports a wide range of Oracle Technology from within TimeControl. HMS Software's Click here for a full-sized image... multi-facted relationship with Oracle started from several different places.

In 1997, HMS and Oracle started a partner alliance based on TimeControl's newfound support of the Oracle database. At the same time, TimeControl clients began linking TimeControl with Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. PeopleSoft and JD Edwards would become a part of Oracle in 2005. In 1997 TimeControl also officially became a Primavera technology partner and released a link between TimeControl and Primavera's P3 project planning software. Primavera would become a part of Oracle in 2008.

HMS Software is an Oracle Gold Partner and our support of these different Oracle product lines continues. There are many clients who use TimeControl in conjunction with one or more elements of Oracle technology. This portal brings the myriad resources on our website relating to Oracle into one index. You will find webcasts, factsheets, white papers, screen shots, PowerPoint presentations and links to external sources to help you to deploy TimeControl and Oracle products together.

Popular links for Oracle clients include:

Integrating TimeControl with Oracle-Primavera's P6

TimeControl has had a link to Primavera's scheduling systems since 1997. Indeed, some of our largest deployments of TimeControl have been done in conjunction with Primavera's products. We maintain links from TimeControl with every Primavera scheduling system version from P3 to the current version 6.

Integrating TimeControl with Oracle-Primavera's P6 and Hard Dollar's HD PCM

When HMS designed TimeControl Industrial to integrate Hard Dollar's HD PCM project estimating and cost control system we knew already that Hard Dollar and Primavera had a working integration themselves. Given that TimeControl also links to Primavera, we designed the HD PCM link so that it can work in collaboration with the Primavera P6 link. The result is remarkable. You can now integrate TimeControl Industrial (or TimeControl), Hard Dollar's HD PCM and Oracle-Primavera's P6 into one powerful project control environment where the best of each product is used to control an aspect of the projet.

TimeControl and ERP/Finance Systems

Virtually every ERP and Finance System comes with its own timesheet yet, in some organizations these timesheets are never deployed. In other organizations ERP timesheets systems are deployed and become only one of several timesheets that are maintained. TimeControl's flexibility is the ideal solution to complement ERP systems because of all the different roles it can fulfill.

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  • TimeControl Timesheet Screenshot Thumbnail
    Integrating TimeControl with your ERP/Finance system

    This webcast looks at the challenges of selecting a single timesheet that can work with both your ERP/Finance systems and your project systems at the same time and shows how TimeControl can meet that challenge.

    Note: This webcast requires registering with the TimeControl/HMS Software website which is free.

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  • TimeControl Timesheet Screenshot Thumbnail
    TimeControl and Primavera Webcast

    Watch this demonstration of TimeControl 5 and Primavera 6 working together. When integrated, TimeControl becomes the collection point for timesheet and resource actuals which are used by Primavera for project progress. At the same time, the timesheet data can be used for non-project purposes like payroll, finance, HR tracking and more.

    Note: This webcast requires registering with the TimeControl/HMS Software website which is free.

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  • TimeControl 6 and Primavera 6
    TimeControl 6 and Primavera 6

    TimeControl has linked to Oracle-Primavera since 1997 and supports links with all versions from P3 to P6r8.x. There are numerous linking features between the two products and this factsheet highlights how linking the powerful project management system with our popular timesheet makes an effective combination. Integrating TimeControl with Oracle-Primavera means you can use a single source of timesheet data for both schedule updates and links to Finance.

  • TimeControl Value Propositions
    TimeControl Value Propositions

    A view of the benefits of TimeControl from 6 different perspectives.

  • Integrate TimeControl with Oracle-Primavera
    Integrate TimeControl with Oracle-Primavera

    TimeControl has had integration with Primavera since 1997 and version P3 and with every version of this venerable project scheduling system since. This long standing relationship between Primavera and TimeControl continues to this day. Integrating TimeControl and Primavera provides one of the most powerful scheduling and resource management systems with the tremendous flexibility and financial controls of the TimeControl timesheet system.

  • TimeControl, Primavera and Oracle Projects
    TimeControl, Primavera and Oracle Projects

    This presentation was delivered at the Collaborate 2011 Oracle Application Users Group conference and shows how TimeControl can be integrated with both Oracle Primavera and Oracle Projects to provide a single source of timesheet data for both systems.

  • TimeControl, Oracle Projects and Primavera
    TimeControl, Oracle Projects and Primavera

    This paper was delivered at the Oracle Applications Users Group conference Collaborate 2011 and shows how to integrated TimeControl, Oracle Projects and Oracle Primavera to deliver a single timesheet source for both systems and then on into Oracle Financials.

  • Collecting Labor Actuals in an Industrial Environment with TimeControl Industrial (TCi)
    Collecting Labor Actuals in an Industrial Environment with TimeControl Industrial (TCi)

    For users of Oracle Primavera who are using the popular project scheduling tool to manage industrial, EPC, shutdown or heavy construction projects, collecting labor actuals to progress the project can be a significant challenge. This is exactly what TimeControl Industrial was created for. Take a look at this white paper on how to collect labor actuals in these challenging environments with TimeControl Industrial. For more information on TimeControl Industrial go to industrial.timecontrol.com.